Attack speed (often shortened as AS or ASPD) is the frequency of a champion's basic attacks. They are measured and displayed as attacks per second.
  • Attack speed cannot be increased beyond {{#vardefine:n|2.5}}2.5 attacks per second (or 1 attack every two fifths of a second, or {{#vardefine:n|0.4}}0.4 seconds).

Attack speed bonuses (from items or abilities, etc.) are in percent. The bonus is a percentage of the champions base attack speed. Therefore, champions with higher base attack speed benefit more from attack speed increases. Like all stats, one's attack speed can be increased via leveling up, items, runes, masteries, buffs, and abilities. Some items and abilities (only those two) decrease enemy attack speed.

Calculations Edit

Base attack speed Edit

Every champion's base attack speed (ASbase) is calculated using a hidden variable called attack delay,[1] which ranges from −{{#vardefine:n|0.10}}0.10 to {{#vardefine:n|0.08}}0.08. (ASbase) is the total number shown at level 1 without runes, masteries, etc. It is represented this way throughout the wiki.

\pagecolor{Black}\color{White}{\it AS}_{\rm base} = {0.625 \over 1 + {\it attack\ delay}}

Bonus attack speed sources Edit

  • Champions gain AS% at each level, not including level 1. This amount ranges from roughly 0% to 4% and depends on the champion. This amount depends on the level through the Statistics growth formula.
  • Items
  • Champion abilities
  • Masteries
  • Attack Speed runes

Bonus AS% stacks additively.

Example: Stinger Stinger grants +35% attack speed and Nashor's Tooth Nashor's Tooth also grants +50% attack speed, so the champion gains +85% in total.


  • Final attack speed cannot go above the cap of {{#vardefine:n|2.5}}2.5 attacks per second.
  • Many in-game tooltip percentages (such as runes) have been rounded, so results may be slightly different unless the precise numbers are known.


  • Calculating base attack speed:
    • 20px Twisted Fate's attack delay is −0.04.
    • \pagecolor{Black}\color{White}{0.625 \over (1 - 0.04)} = {0.625 \over 0.96} = 0.651041 \overline{6}. This is 20px Twisted Fate's base attack speed, seen at level 1 (without runes, masteries, etc.).
    • The number seen in game is rounded to 3 decimal places: 0.651.
  • Calculating "bonus attack speed":
    • Every time 20px Twisted Fate levels up, he gains bonus AS% based on percentage growth 3.22% and his level through the Statistics growth formula.
      • At level 18 he has gained \pagecolor{Black}\color{White}3.22\% \times\left({7 \over 400}\times(18^2-1)+{267\over400}\times(18-1)\right)=54.74\% as bonus AS%.
    • At 18 he has maxed Stacked Deck Stacked Deck increasing his attack speed by 30%.
    • Let's say he has the Fury Fury mastery up to 4%.
    • Let's also say he has Stinger Stinger: +35%.
    • All together he has: 54.74% + 30% + 4% + 35% = 123.74% bonus AS% or {{#vardefine:n|1.2374}}1.2374 bonus AS as a decimal.
  • Final calculation:
    \pagecolor{Black}\color{White}\begin{align} & {0.625 \over 0.96} + \left({{0.625 \over 0.96} \times 123.74\%}\right) \\ =& 0.651041\overline6 + ({0.651041 \times 123.74\%}) \\ \approx & 1.45664 \end{align}
    • In game, the number will be shown as: 1.457.

Increasing attack speed Edit

Items Edit

แม่แบบ:Stat table header แม่แบบ:Do for every item แม่แบบ:Stat table footer แม่แบบ:Outdated if new patch

Champion abilities Edit

Note: Only the attack speed buff effect of these abilities is shown here, to read more information on each of these abilities, follow the link on each of them.

Masteries Edit

Runes Edit

Name Type Tier 1 (Lesser) Tier 2 (Normal) Tier 3 (Greater)
Attack Speed Mark


{{#vardefine:n|0.94}}0.94 %


{{#vardefine:n|1.32}}1.32 %

1 IP

{{#vardefine:n|1.7}}1.7 %

410 IP



X X 0.76}}0.76 %

410 IP



X X 0.64}}0.64 %

410 IP



{{#vardefine:n|2.52}}2.52 %


{{#vardefine:n|3.51}}3.51 %

1 IP

{{#vardefine:n|4.5}}4.5 %

1025 IP

Reducing attack speed Edit

Note: Attack speed reductions stack multiplicatively and take percentages off the final attack speed value after all bonus attack speed has been factored in.

Items Edit

Summoner Spells Edit

  • Exhaust Exhaust: Active: Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their movement speed and attack speed by 30%, their armor and magic resist by 10, and their damage dealt by 40% for {{#vardefine:n|2.5}}2.5 seconds.

Champion abilities Edit

Note: Only the attack speed reduction effect of these abilities is shown here, to read more information on each of these abilities, follow the link on each of them.

Notes Edit

20px Yasuo's Steel Tempest Steel Tempest (bonus attack speed only) is the only ability that directly scales with a champion's attack speed statistic. Many other abilities can scale indirectly (for example, through the flat cooldown reduction per attack with 20px Master Yi's Alpha Strike Alpha Strike).

List of champions' attack speed Edit

The highest and lowest base attack speed champions
Champion Level Top 5 champions Bottom 5 champions
Level 1 1. 20px Akali {{#vardefine:n|0.694}}0.694 AS 1. 20px Graves {{#vardefine:n|0.481}}0.481 AS
1. 20px Kalista
1. 20px Maokai
1. 20px Olaf
1. 20px Shaco
2. 20px Kennen {{#vardefine:n|0.69}}0.69 AS 2. 20px Caitlyn {{#vardefine:n|0.568}}0.568 AS
2. 20px Teemo
3. 20px Draven {{#vardefine:n|0.679}}0.679 AS 3. 20px Illaoi {{#vardefine:n|0.571}}0.571 AS
3. 20px Master Yi
3. 20px Rengar
3. 20px Sion
3. 20px Twitch
3. 20px Warwick
4. 20px Fiora {{#vardefine:n|0.672}}0.672 AS 4. 20px Annie {{#vardefine:n|0.579}}0.579 AS
4. 20px Xin Zhao
5. 20px Hecarim {{#vardefine:n|0.67}}0.67 AS 5. 20px Mordekaiser {{#vardefine:n|0.601}}0.601 AS
5. 20px Sejuani
5. 20px Trundle
5. 20px Tryndamere
Level 18 1. 20px Vayne 1.105}}1.105 AS 1. 20px Gnar 0.678}}0.678 AS
2. 20px Kennen 1.089}}1.089 AS 2. 20px Annie 0.712}}0.712 AS
3. 20px Teemo 1.087}}1.087 AS 3. 20px Nautilus 0.717}}0.717 AS
4. 20px Twitch 1.07}}1.07 AS 4. 20px Graves 0.731}}0.731 AS
5. 20px Akali {{#vardefine:n|1.06}}1.06 AS 5. 20px Bard {{#vardefine:n|0.731}}0.731 AS
5. 20px Darius
5. 20px Jinx

Trivia Edit

Last updated: September 7, 2016 – V6.17


References Edit

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