The Aura is a passive modifier to units that are near the aura source, which may be a champion that has the aura thanks to an ability of his own or to an item he is holding, or an object, which can only be placed by a champion. Some auras buff allies, increasing their effectiveness in battle, while others debuff enemies, hindering their efforts on the battlefield. In almost all cases aura effects are unique, and cannot be stacked.

An exception to this rule is in the event that multiple champions are carrying an item with the same beneficial aura effect, each of those two champions will receive two instances of the aura buff: one from the item they are carrying, and a second from the aura of their ally. If a champion is near both of the champions with the same aura item, it will only receive one instance of the aura. No champion can ever receive more than two instances of a unique benevolent aura, regardless of how many nearby allies are providing the buff.

There are two types of auras:

  • Global: These auras have global range and grant bonuses to the allies of the champion that carries it.
  • Area of effect: This is the most common aura type, and refer to auras that will only grant bonuses or debuffs to units near the aura source. These divide themselves depending on whether they need activation or are persistent.
    • Constant: These auras give bonuses to allies or debuff enemies around the carrier of the aura constantly.
    • Stance: These auras give bonuses to allies for as long as the carrier has the aura-granting stance active.
    • Active: These auras are active only for a few seconds after the ability that grants it is activated.

Champion abilities with an aura effect Edit

Note: Only the aura effects of these abilities is shown here, to read more information on each of these abilities, follow the link on each of them.

Area of effect auras Edit

Items with an aura effect Edit

Note: Items with the same aura name do not stack with each other, and only the aura on the more advanced item will be applied. This does not apply to other champions who have the same aura name, as regular aura stacking rules will be applied.

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