20px Averdrian is a canceled League of Legends Champion.


It was initially thought Averdrian had been reworked into 20px Heimerdinger, however Steven 'Coronach' DeRose confirmed that wasn't the case.[1] Still, his head artwork was used as the head artwork for 20px Malzahar on the PBE before his release.

Lead Effects Artist 'Nocturne' had Averdrian as his avatar picture in the old forums, a gesture of his commitment to have the champion released.[2] However, in July 2011, he finally changed his avatar picture to 20px Ravager Nocturne [S|L], which implied Averdrian had finally been canceled.

And yet confirmation had come earlier, for on the 2010 Harrowing map skin for Summoner's Rift a coffin containing Averdrian (along with two others each containing 20px Gavid and 20px Tabu) could be seen, effectively serving as the final 'nail in the coffin' regarding his cancellation.[3]


Data extracted from the game files



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