A boost temporarily increases the amount of Influence Points or Summoner Experience Points gained at the conclusion of each match. There are two kinds of boosts: duration boosts and win boosts. Each of them can be bought from the Riot Store using Riot Points or received from Riot (often compensatorily).

Duration boosts Edit

Duration boosts are active for a certain amount of time (for example, 1 day). Duration boosts double the base amount of IP received for any type of game win or lose, not counting other bonuses. Examples of those other bonuses which are not doubled include the first win of the day bonus, the match-made game bonus, or a bonus from another boost.

Per win boosts Edit

Per win boosts are only applied if you win a game – they will never expire. Per win boosts give you a flat amount of IP equivalent to the max base IP you can earn from a game (values are different for each game mode). This change was made to ensure players were getting the most out of their boost for extremely short games, but Riot hasn't updated the explanations of how per win boosts work. Because of how per win boosts work, they will give much less IP for Custom, Twisted Treeline and Co-op vs. AI games.

Bonus IP
Map Normal Ranked Custom Easy bot Intermediate bot
Summoner's Rift 143–145 158-168 95 74


Twisted Treeline 120-143 143 - 51-54


Howling Abyss 96 - - -


Bonus EXP
Map Normal Ranked Custom Easy bot Intermediate bot
Summoner's Rift - - ~140 - -
Twisted Treeline - - - - -

Available boosts Edit

The Riot Store offers boosts for a specified number of wins and for specified durations.

Type Amount of bonus Duration Cost
50px Base IP 1 day 290RP
50px Base IP 3 days 520RP
50px Base IP 7 days 1020RP
50px Base IP 14 days 1846RP
50px Base IP 30 days 3490RP
50px Max length win IP 2 wins 160RP
50px Max length win IP 4 wins 290RP
50px Max length win IP 10 wins 670RP
50px Max length win IP 20 wins 1250RP
50px Max length win IP 50 wins 2560RP
50px Base XP 1 day 150RP
50px Base XP 3 days 260RP
50px Base XP 7 days 520RP
50px Max length win XP 10 wins 350RP
50px Max length win XP 50 wins 980RP

Free boost Edit

  • If you combine a duration boost and a per win boost, you will receive both bonuses as long as both are active.
  • During special events, Riot has given the community free IP boosts.[1][2]

References Edit

fr:Bonus zh:Boost

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