แม่แบบ:Item data Boots of Swiftness 


แม่แบบ:Item data Boots of Swiftness

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Strategy Edit

Slow Reduction Example Edit

20px Katarina has 345 base movement speed. With Boots of Swiftness Boots of Swiftness this becomes 400.

Slow spell Slow Effect Moving Speed Reduced Slow Effect Reduced Moving Speed
Flash Frost Flash Frost 20% 320 15% 340
Exhaust Exhaust 30% 280 23% 308
Infected Cleaver Infected Cleaver 40% 240 30% 280
Enchanted Crystal Arrow Enchanted Crystal Arrow 50% 210 37.5% 248
Playful Playful 60% 190 45% 220
Zap! Zap! 70% 170 52.5% 205

Patch History Edit


  • Bonus movement speed reduced to 55 from 60.


  • Boots enchantments have been removed from the game.


  • Movement speed bonus reduced to 60 from 65.





  • Movement speed bonus reduced to 60 from 90.
  • New Unique Passive – Slow Resist: Movement slowing effects are reduced by 25%.


June 26, 2009 Patch:

May 9, 2009 Patch:

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