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In a small village just south of the vast moors of Nolir, an old craftsman works long nights to provide a much needed service to bandits and thieves in neighboring cities. He uses the hide of a rare lizard that is as tough and durable as rock, adorning with blistering steel to create a pair of gloves worth fighting for.

Strategy Edit

  • Due to how significant the increase in damage from a critical strike is in early game trades, getting Brawler's Gloves Brawler's Gloves on champions who rely on critical hits can lead to devastating damage early game. This can either be on a champion who has a ranged on-hit effect ability such as 20px Gangplank's Parrrley Parrrley, or a champion like 20px Tryndamere who has a kit which relies on critical hits.
  • Combined with critical damage runes, Brawler's Gloves Brawler's Gloves can sometimes lead to an easy first blood when used with champions who have strong attack damage boosts, such as 20px Fiora's Riposte Riposte.

Patch history Edit


  • Critical strike chance increased to 10% from 8%.



April 11, 2009 Patch:

  • Increased cost to 400 from 360.

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