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A champion update is a graphical or kit (playstyle) update that occurs after a champion's initial release. Over the years, Riot have been working on updating champions whose visuals or gameplay don't fit with the current state of the game. The goal is to level up any outdated visuals or gameplay to make champions feel fresh while still retaining what makes them unique.


  • This scale of rework covers small kit changes to several champions of a specific class or subclass, that aims to give each one their own unique niche in the game, and make them healthier overall. Animations and other visual effects may be updated, but the champions model and core theme are untouched.
Class Champions Affected Date
Main Secondary
Fighters: Juggernauts 20px Darius 20px Nasus August 20, 2015
20px Garen
20px Mordekaiser
20px Skarner
Marksmen 20px Caitlyn 20px Ashe 20px Draven 20px Ezreal

20px Jinx 20px Kalista 20px Lucian

November 11, 2015
20px Corki
20px Graves
20px Kog'Maw 20px Sivir 20px Tristana 20px Twitch

20px Urgot 20px Varus 20px Vayne

20px Miss Fortune
20px Quinn
Mages: Traditional Mages 20px Brand 20px Anivia 20px Annie

20px Fiddlesticks 20px Swain

May 4, 2016
20px Cassiopeia
20px Malzahar
20px Vel'Koz 20px Syndra 20px Veigar

20px Xerath 20px Ziggs

20px Vladimir
20px Zyra
  • This scale of rework covers changes to a champions kit beyond number tweaks. Animations and other visual effects may be updated, but the champions model and core theme are untouched. In some cases, the kit rework will 'correct' the kit to match the intended theme.
  • This scale of rework covers changes to a champion's model and artwork. This will often include a more up-to-date voiceover and lore and even bugfixes and minor balance changes - but will not change the champion's core theme.
Visual and Gameplay
  • This combines the above two categories. The scale of the kit rework is usually slightly larger than a kit rework alone as the developers can plan for more in-depth visual effects and model changes. The champion's core theme remains intact.
Full Relaunch
  • Unlike the previous classifications, a complete relaunch involves an overhaul to the champion's identity - focusing on some aspects while abandoning others. This affects the champion's lore, personality, art, and model. The degree of the kit rework varies.


Main article: Dev Blog: Champion Updates

This is a list of champions who have received any form of update from visual, to gameplay updates and full relaunches. For a look at smaller Texture Rebalances, visit this page and for a more detailed list of all Champion Reworks, visit this article.

Champion Link Date
20px Kayle Gameplay Update 2010-07-06
20px Mordekaiser Gameplay Update 2010-11-01
20px Ryze Gameplay Update 2011-02-15
20px Sona Gameplay Update 2011-03-14
20px Alistar Gameplay Update 2011-04-25
20px Fiddlesticks Gameplay Update 2011-04-25
20px Gangplank Gameplay Update 2011-04-25
20px Janna Visual Update 2011-07-25
20px Kayle Visual and Gameplay Update 2011-07-25
20px Tryndamere Visual and Gameplay Update 2011-07-25
20px Gangplank Visual Update 2011-11-25
20px Ashe Visual Update 2012-05-23
20px Katarina Visual and Gameplay Update 2012-08-09
20px Soraka Visual Update 2012-09-27
20px Twisted Fate Visual Update 2012-10-17
20px Nidalee Visual Update 2012-12-14
20px Annie Visual Update 2013-02-01
20px Karma Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) 2013-03-28
20px Sejuani Visual and Gameplay Update 2013-04-30
20px Trundle Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) 2013-04-30
20px Master Yi Visual and Gameplay Update 2013-07-30
20px Garen Visual Update 2013-10-01
20px Olaf Gameplay Update 2013-10-01
20px Rammus Visual Update (Texture) 2013-10-29
20px Sivir Visualand Gameplay Update 2013-10-29
20px Heimerdinger Gameplay Update 2013-10-29
20px Nasus Visual Update 2013-11-21
20px Anivia Visual Update (Texture) 2013-12-13
20px Xerath Gameplay Update 2014-02-11
20px Heimerdinger Visual Update 2014-03-18
20px Kassadin Visual (VFX) and Gameplay Update 2014-03-18
20px Gragas Gameplay Update 2014-04-03
20px Rengar Gameplay Update 2014-04-03
20px Twitch Visual Update 2014-04-22
20px Karthus Visual Update 2014-06-04
20px Nidalee Gameplay Update 2014-06-18
20px Skarner Visual (Texture) and Gameplay Update 2014-06-18
20px Sona Visual and Gameplay Update 2014-07-30
20px Cassiopeia Visual (Texture) and Gameplay Update 2014-09-10
20px Renekton Visual Update 2014-09-10
20px Soraka Gameplay Update 2014-09-25
20px Viktor Visual (Texture) and Gameplay Update 2014-09-25
20px Sion Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) 2014-10-09
20px Singed Visual Update 2014-11-05
20px Maokai Visual Update 2014-11-19
20px Alistar Visual Update 2015-01-15
20px Tristana Visual and Gameplay Update 2015-01-28
20px Zilean Visual (VFX) and Gameplay Update 2015-02-25
20px Veigar Visual (VFX) and Gameplay Update 2015-02-25
20px Kassadin Visual Update 2015-03-12
20px Morgana Visual (VFX) Update 2015-04-08
20px Ryze Visual (VFX) and Gameplay Update 2015-04-28
20px Ashe Gameplay Update 2015-05-14
20px Gangplank Visual and Gameplay Update 2015-07-22
20px Miss Fortune Visual and Gameplay Update 2015-07-22
20px Fiora Visual and Gameplay Update 2015-08-06
20px Poppy Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) 2015-12-09
20px Shen Visual and Gameplay Update 2016-01-28
20px Taric Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) 2016-04-19
20px Ryze Visual and Gameplay Update 2016-07-13
20px Yorick Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) 2016-09-08
20px Warwick Visual and Gameplay Update (Full Relaunch) Upcoming update
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