A champion statistic is a number indicating how well a champion can do a certain thing. These help define the assets of a champion. There are 17 official statistics and 2 unofficial statistics, divided into 4 categories: Offensive, Defensive, Magic, and Movement.

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All champions begin the game with a certain amount of attack damage, attack speed, armor, health, health regeneration, resource or mana, and resource or mana regeneration. This is called the base value of that statistic. All champions naturally increase these stats by a non-linear amount every time they gain a level. 

All champions have the same formula for calculating their statistics (see below). Obviously, all champions go through the same 18 levels during the game. However, each champion and skill has a different growth statistic (or per level coefficient). For example, the แม่แบบ:As growth statistic for 20px Singed is {{#vardefine:n|3.375}}3.375, but his แม่แบบ:As growth statistic is 45. 20px Kog'Maw has แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As growth statistics of {{#vardefine:n|2.41}}2.41 and 40, which are different than 20px Singed. Currently, 20px Gnar is the only champion who can modify his growth statistics. All other champions have fixed growth statistics.

$$Statistic = b + g \times (n - 1) \times (0.685 + 0.0175 \times n)$$

  • b = base
  • g = growth statistic
  • n = champion level

For example, 20px Alistar starts level 1 with {{#vardefine:n|613.36}}613.36 แม่แบบ:As (แม่แบบ:As statistic), and his แม่แบบ:As statistic is 106. At level 2, the equation shows that his แม่แบบ:As is {{#vardefine:n|689.68}}689.68 displayed in game as a rounded value 690 (n = 2, g = 106, and b= {{#vardefine:n|613.36}}613.36).

Importantly, each champion's base statistics and growth statistics are unique. This makes a big difference on the battlefield. If a champion has low base statistics but high growth statistics, they will be weak at the game's beginning but strong at the game's end.

Four statistics that deviate from this pattern are critical strike damage, range, movement speed and magic resistance. All champions start with แม่แบบ:As (even 20px Ashe, 20px Jhin and 20px Yasuo despite their innate passives). Every champion has unique base range and movement speed that do not increase naturally. Natural increase is meant to be as from leveling up itself, innate passives as 20px Tristana's Draw a Bead Draw a Bead or 20px Cassiopeia's Serpentine Grace Serpentine Grace, despite being per-level innates, are not considered to be natural stat increases. Every champion begins the game with exactly 30 or {{#vardefine:n|32.1}}32.1 แม่แบบ:As. แม่แบบ:As is the only statistic that increases for some champions and not for others. In general, if a champion is ranged or has a ranged form, they will not gain แม่แบบ:As per level.

All other statistics have a natural value of zero and must be increased by other sources. The ways a champion may increase their statistics are varied and include runes, masteries, items, and auras. Some champion abilities increase that champion's statistics, either as a passive effect (20px Nasus' Soul Eater Soul Eater passively increases his life steal) or as an active effect (20px Jax's Grandmaster's Might Grandmaster's Might briefly increases his armor and MR) or as an effect that follows another action (20px Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness Shroud of Darkness, for example, passively increases his attack speed and doubles this bonus when he absorbs a spell).

Growth statistic per level Edit

A champion does not increase his stats in a linear way. Instead, their increase in strength becomes faster and faster as they get into higher levels. The above equation can be rearranged to show this. The only thing required is the champion's new level and his growth statistic.

$$StatIncrease = g \times (0.65 + 0.035 \times NewLevel)$$

  • g = growth statistic

20px Kalista's growth statistic for แม่แบบ:As is 83. When leveling-up from level 1 to level 2, the number in the brackets becomes {{#vardefine:n|0.72}}0.72 (or 72%) and her แม่แบบ:As will increase by {{#vardefine:n|59.76}}59.76 (g = 83 and NewLevel = 2). To explain it another way, her growth statistic (83) was multiplied by 72% giving แม่แบบ:As. However, when leveling-up from 15 to 16, the percent increase is 121% and the health increase is much higher at แม่แบบ:As (g = 83 and NewLevel = 16).

At level 18, the champion will have accumulated 1700% of the growth stats (17แม่แบบ:Timesgrowth stats), so he ends with 17แม่แบบ:Timesgrowth statsแม่แบบ:Plusbase stats.

Notes Edit

  • As of patch V4.20, champion statistics such as health, attack damage, etc. are listed as having a given base value. This is the value at Level 1.[1] (You can also verify this yourself by entering a game with no runes or masteries and viewing your champion statistics).
  • Any unit's attack damage, ability power, armor, magic resistance, attack speed, movement speed, cooldown reduction and critical chance, can be seen by selecting that unit in game, along with two bars indicating their current and maximum health and mana (or equivalent resource).
  • Player's health regeneration, mana regeneration, armor penetration, magic penetration, life steal, spell vamp, attack range and tenacity can be additionally seen by opening advanced player stats (default binding to C).
  • If the value is written in white, that unit has only the base amount of that statistic. If the value is written in bold yellow, that statistic has been increased from the base amount through external means. By hovering the cursor over almost any stat the base amount is displayed in tooltip in blue plus bonus amount in green. The total of stat is either blue if there is no bonus amount, or green. This applies to all visible stats with exception of penetrations, แม่แบบ:As and resource bar.
  • If the total value of stat is written in bold yellow, but in blue in tooltip, then the stat has not been really increased, just displayed as rounded up. This also doesn't apply to penetration stats, แม่แบบ:As and resource bar.
  • Hovering the cursor over แม่แบบ:As and resource bar additionally displays values of แม่แบบ:As and resource regeneration in respective base units per second while hovering over regeneration stats themselves in the stat table displays values in traditional base units per 5 seconds.
  • แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As use own unique format 'F | P%', where F shows flat penetration and P percentage penetration in percent. All four values are always written in blue regardless of being externally modified or not (as all champions have base penetration values of 0, the color exception is purely aesthetical).
  • Tenacity is displayed in percent but without '%' symbol.
  • แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As also include the resulting damage reduction in own tooltips.
  • On the champion statistic screen of old client, magic penetration was listed as Spell Penetration. In the advanced player stats, critical strike chance is listed simply as Critical Strike and mana regeneration is for unification purposes listed as Resource Regeneration.
  • Total critical damage is not shown in the player stats in game. However, แม่แบบ:As is misleadingly displayed as แม่แบบ:As in tooltip of Critical Strike with literal value of 200%. Conversely, attack range and tenacity are shown in the advanced stats, although they are not the official statistics.
  • On the champion statistic screen of spectator mode, dodge is still listed, despite having been removed from the game. Only the total stat values are displayed in spectator mode, in-game tooltip information is absent and both แม่แบบ:As and tenacity are missing.

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