Offense Mastery Tree (Season One)

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Defense · Utility
Cripple was a first tier offense mastery with 1 rank.

Effect per rank Edit

  • Improves your Exhaust Exhaust spell to also reduce the target's armor and magic resistance by 10 for the duration, and increases its duration by {{#vardefine:n|0.5}}0.5 seconds.

Strategy Edit

  • The armor and magic resist reduction applied by having Cripple was a rather significant amount early game, however later in the game it became less significant.

Patch history Edit


  • Removed.


  • Armor and magic penetration reduced to 10 from 25.

June 26, 2009 Patch:

  • Reduces armor and magic resistance by 25, and increases its duration by 0.5 seconds.

Other versionsEdit


de:Verkrüppeln (Saison Eins Meisterschaft)

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