แม่แบบ:Outdated แม่แบบ:Infobox unit A Giant Wolf is a neutral monster in League of Legends.

It can be found with two 20px Lesser Wolves on Twisted Treeline.

Smite Bonus Edit

Using Smite Smite upon the 20px Giant Wolf will grant แม่แบบ:Bi for 90 seconds, which poisons enemies who attack you: dealing แม่แบบ:Pp18 magic damage over 3 seconds. This bonus can only be claimed once per spawn.

The Giant Wolf gives off purple bubbles if the Smite bonus is available. Once the bonus is harvested, the effect disappears until the Giant Wolf respawns. This is only visible to champions withSmite Smite.

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Trivia Edit

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de:Riesiger Wolf zh:Giant Wolf

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