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The Pumpkin Guise Pumpkin Guise was a Seasonal item for the 2010 Harrowing celebration. It was the same item with a different name and picture.

Haunting Guise Haunting Guise is an almost-perfect homonym of "haunting eyes" - an allusion to its portrait and to the common idiom.

Patch history Edit





  • New icon.



  • Fixed a tooltip bug where Haunting Guise Haunting Guise said it provided 180 health and 20 ability power, when it actually provided 200 health and 25 ability power.


  • Fixed a bug in which Haunting Guise Haunting Guise was displaying the wrong stat bonuses.


  • Ability power increased to 25 from 20.
  • Health increased to 200 from 180.
  • Spell vamp has been removed from this item.

V1.0.0.82: Remake

  • 180 health.
  • 20 ability power.
  • Unique passive: +20 magic penetration
  • Unique passive: +10% spell vamp (5% for multi-target spells).

V1.0.0.61: Added.

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