แม่แบบ:As (commonly known as แม่แบบ:As, an abbreviation for แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As) is the amount of life a unit or structure has. แม่แบบ:As is the cap on life any unit can have. แม่แบบ:As is directly reduced by damage and is regained in many different ways.

Every unit and structure has their แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As displayed as a bar above their models. When displayed over a champion's model in game, the แม่แบบ:As meter is displayed as segmented bars.


Additionally, for your own champion, it is represented in the interface as a green bar with two numbers ( # / # ): the first one represents the actual life available at the moment, while the second is the maximum amount of แม่แบบ:As the champion can have. If a champion's แม่แบบ:As reaches zero and he doesn't have any abilities preventing it, death will occur. แม่แบบ:As scales additively with every bonus แม่แบบ:As point and increases with each level, meaning that each bonus point acquired directly affects the statistic.

At level 18 แม่แบบ:As ranges from 20px Gnar's แม่แบบ:As to 20px Alistar's แม่แบบ:As. See here for the complete list.

แม่แบบ:As has a แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:G per point. แม่แบบ:As has a แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:G per point. แม่แบบ:As restored by potion has a แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:G per point.

Effective health Edit

แม่แบบ:As, commonly referred to just as แม่แบบ:As, describes the amount of raw burst damage a champion can receive before dying in such a short time span that he remains unaffected by any form of แม่แบบ:As (even if the actual considered damage is of sustained form). It can however include any form of แม่แบบ:As (such as from 20px Nasus' Fury of the Sands Fury of the Sands). แม่แบบ:As, on the other hand, would take into account also champion's แม่แบบ:As.

Unless champion's resists aren't unnaturally reduced below zero, any แม่แบบ:As will always be more than or equal to a champion's displayed แม่แบบ:As in their แม่แบบ:As bar and it can be increased by buying items with extra แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As.

Depending on the type of damage taken, we can also speak of แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As or แม่แบบ:As. Depending on a behavior of such source of damage it is also possible to speak of แม่แบบ:As relative to given subject/source of damage, for example แม่แบบ:As. Many poke team compositions with mixed overall damage usually heavily rely on a poke consisting of prevalent แม่แบบ:As. Maximizing primarily แม่แบบ:As thus might be a valuable counterstrategy to weaken their poking phase as teamfight initiation relies upon it.

แม่แบบ:As is a measure of the durability of a champion, taking into account their แม่แบบ:As as well as their แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As. 'Sheer' forms of แม่แบบ:As are defined as แม่แบบ:As plus แม่แบบ:As for every point of แม่แบบ:As (or แม่แบบ:As). Contrary to their simple formulas, แม่แบบ:As uses a bit more complex one. Because of this, แม่แบบ:As is always subject to the damage source and the proportions between particular three damage composites (with แม่แบบ:As being regarded as แม่แบบ:As). The formulae are as follows:

\pagecolor{Black}\color{White}{\rm mixed\ effective\ health}={\it HP}\times{ {physical\ damage+true\ damage+magic\ damage}\over{ {physical\ damage\over{1+0.01\times{\it armor} } }+true\ damage+{magic\ damage\over{1+0.01\times{\it MR} } } } }

แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As are effective against แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As, respectively. They correspond to the amount of damage that an enemy champion must output (not the amount you must take) to bring your แม่แบบ:As to 0.

Example: If you have แม่แบบ:As, then purchasing แม่แบบ:As will raise your แม่แบบ:As to 1900. Enemies will have to output 90% more แม่แบบ:As than usual to kill you.

Optimal efficiency (theoretical) Edit

Note: Optimal efficiencies against only specific types of damage are located in the corresponding sections under armor and under magic resistance, respectively. In this article, แม่แบบ:As will simply refer to the แม่แบบ:As, or the amount of cocktail of raw burst 'แม่แบบ:As', 'แม่แบบ:As' and 'แม่แบบ:As' a champion can take before dying.

We will be further considering แม่แบบ:As against the mix of แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As, with ratio of แม่แบบ:As : แม่แบบ:As : แม่แบบ:As, respectively. As the following analysis would lead to polynomials of very high degree with general formula for แม่แบบ:As, and as แม่แบบ:As is a very strong damage type- and therefore a strongly restricted resource, we will further assume that its amount is not significant and put แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Equals0 (hence the results of this section will poorly apply to fights happening under Nexus Obelisk). That means that in reality the odds will be slightly shifting in favor of building แม่แบบ:As, depending on the amount of omitted แม่แบบ:As.

Note: The ratios of mixed damage taken into account can be quite accurately estimated by using kill-recap screen or end-game champ info on damage taken, as well as end-game enemy (team) info on damage dealt. As the composition of mixed damage can highly fluctuate over time between laning, poking, all-ins, diving or teamfight phases, the provided statistics (as always) must be taken into account with precaution. Lastly, some of these statistics won't include minions', monsters' or turrets' mostly แม่แบบ:As (with exceptions of แม่แบบ:Mois mixed damage and Nexus Obelisk's แม่แบบ:As), which also poses a large portion of early game damage. When accessing champion damage composition from runes, masteries and items, the important factor in the current season is that keystones like Thunderlord's Decree, Deathfire Torch or Grasp of Undying can add large portions of (even scaling) แม่แบบ:As for strict แม่แบบ:As champion and vice versa- keystone like Fervor of Battle will add large portion of แม่แบบ:As even on strict แม่แบบ:As champion.

In the game players buy แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As for แม่แบบ:As. As แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:As (derived from cost of basic armor item) is currently (as of season six) {{#vardefine:n|7.5}}7.5 times higher than แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:As (derived from cost of basic health item), and แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:As (derived from cost of basic magic resistance item) is currently {{#vardefine:n|6.75}}6.75 times higher than แม่แบบ:As of แม่แบบ:As, we theoretically can maximize แม่แบบ:As represented by the formula above with แม่แบบ:As as input variable by satisfying the following equations:

\pagecolor{Black}\color{White}7.5\times{ {100+{\it A} }\over\sqrt{10{\it P} } }={ {\it HP}\over{\sqrt{10{\it P} }+\sqrt{9{\it M} } } }=6.75\times{ {100+{\it MR} }\over\sqrt{9{\it M} } }

Example: We can derive from these equations that to efficiently defend against mixed damage composed of exactly แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As value of the ideal build would be approximately 5% greater than that of แม่แบบ:As.

These equations define the base equilibrium line of optimal แม่แบบ:As against damage source with composition ratio of แม่แบบ:As : แม่แบบ:As : แม่แบบ:As.

Example: Given a theoretical situation where you start off with แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As and are given an arbitrary sufficient amount of แม่แบบ:As ( ≥ 4แม่แบบ:Timesmax{ 10แม่แบบ:Times(100แม่แบบ:Plusแม่แบบ:As)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As)), 9แม่แบบ:Times(100แม่แบบ:Plusแม่แบบ:As)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As)) } -3800), which you can either use to increase your แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As or แม่แบบ:As, the way to maximize your แม่แบบ:As is to spend แม่แบบ:As on your แม่แบบ:As until both your แม่แบบ:As ≥ {{#vardefine:n|7.5}}7.5แม่แบบ:Times(100แม่แบบ:Plusแม่แบบ:As)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As))แม่แบบ:Equals{{#vardefine:n|7.5}}7.5แม่แบบ:Times(0แม่แบบ:Plus100)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As))แม่แบบ:Equals750แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As)) and แม่แบบ:As ≥ {{#vardefine:n|6.75}}6.75แม่แบบ:Times(100แม่แบบ:Plusแม่แบบ:As)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As))แม่แบบ:Equals{{#vardefine:n|6.75}}6.75แม่แบบ:Times(0แม่แบบ:Plus100)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As))แม่แบบ:Equals675แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Plus√(แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As)), then increase either แม่แบบ:As or แม่แบบ:As, depending on which of the two inequalities is still strict, until both inequations reach equality. In that moment you achieved equilibrium, but with still some unused แม่แบบ:As. Lastly, you split the remaining แม่แบบ:As in half, spend half on your แม่แบบ:As and divide the remaining แม่แบบ:As between your แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As by ratio √แม่แบบ:As : √แม่แบบ:As, respectively (as แม่แบบ:As of these stats have ratios 1 : {{#vardefine:n|7.5}}7.5 : {{#vardefine:n|6.75}}6.75, respectively, it would lead to buying additional แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As proportionally with ratios (√แม่แบบ:As + √แม่แบบ:As) : (√แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided by{{#vardefine:n|7.5}}7.5) : (√แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided by{{#vardefine:n|6.75}}6.75), respectively, increasing all sides of equations above by same amount and thus naturally preserving the equalities).

Note: One can notice that if one damage type component becomes too small relatively to other, either แม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As or its inverse will gain increasingly large values. Both fractions are occuring in above inequations. As a result, if this happens, then minimum แม่แบบ:As and minimum equilibrium แม่แบบ:As requirements might very swiftly skyrocket into really large numbers, to such extent that equilibrium line becomes unreachable and practically unusable. Similarly, this article deals with แม่แบบ:As, so naturally neither its แม่แบบ:As nor แม่แบบ:As are supposed to be zeros (and some results cannot be applied). If any damage type component represents a very small fraction of total damage, including 0%, it is more appropriate to apply basic equilibrium lines for either physical effective health or magical effective health.

Now we just formulated a 'rule of preserving equilibrium (or maximum แม่แบบ:As)':

Once equilibrium state is reached, all we need to do to preserve it is to always distribute แม่แบบ:As into แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As with ratios (√แม่แบบ:As + √แม่แบบ:As) : √แม่แบบ:As : √แม่แบบ:As, respectively, for the rest of the game.

... or in other words, always แม่แบบ:As into แม่แบบ:As and remaining แม่แบบ:As into แม่แบบ:As with แม่แบบ:As.

Again, this model is highly simplified and cannot be exactly applied in cases when we are buying any other items than Cloth Armor basic armor item, Chain Vest Chain Vest, Null-Magic Mantle basic magic resistance item, Negatron Cloak Negatron Cloak or Ruby Crystal basic health item (for example if our decision-making process would involve Giant's Belt Giant's Belt instead of Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal, the above model would need to use equilibrium constants {{#vardefine:n|7.6}}7.6 and {{#vardefine:n|6.84}}6.84). Even considering the purchase of different แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As or แม่แบบ:As items with differing แม่แบบ:As (quite natural expectation under real circumstances) makes use of single constant utterly impossible. Going even further, the continuous model simplifies a discrete character of real shopping, as you cannot really buy {{#vardefine:n|1.5}}1.5แม่แบบ:TimesRuby Crystal Ruby Crystals for แม่แบบ:G, so with that much แม่แบบ:As you opt to buy either a single Ruby Crystal Ruby Crystal or 2แม่แบบ:TimesCloth Armor Cloth Armors or a single Null-Magic Mantle Null-Magic Mantle, drastically changing the equilibrium constants to {{#vardefine:n|5.0}}5.0 and {{#vardefine:n|6.0}}6.0.

Thankfully to almost linear item stats' แม่แบบ:As a player could use weakened base equilibrium conditions in a form: {{#vardefine:n|7.5}}7.5แม่แบบ:Times(100แม่แบบ:Plusแม่แบบ:As)แม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Asแม่แบบ:Divided by(√แม่แบบ:As + √แม่แบบ:As) ≈ {{#vardefine:n|6.75}}6.75แม่แบบ:Times(100แม่แบบ:Plusแม่แบบ:As)แม่แบบ:Divided byแม่แบบ:As to objectively access own decision-making without need to hold to equalities too strictly. However, the presence of square roots in the formulae makes real-time manual use of such conditions highly impractical. To make the formula as easy to apply as possible, we can use the following simplified form:

\pagecolor{Black}\color{White}(100+{\it armor}) \div {\it HP} \div (100+{\it MR})\approx\sqrt{P} \div 7(\sqrt{P}+\sqrt{M}) \div\sqrt M

The equations still can be practically used for the purpose of pre-game analysis. Let us suppose that a bulk (or any champion intending to buy 6 mainly defensive items) has to face a team of 5 enemy champions, with all 5 being equally potent in damage. Depending on enemy team combination of แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As champions (let us suppose that we are dealing with clear damage archetypes), the bulk's optimal decision-making between buying แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As might follow this pattern if we apply the square root proportionality (แม่แบบ:As can be also treated in similar fashion, but now we will omit it for the sake of transparency):

Two facts are immediately observable from the list. The first is that seemingly quite unequal team composition of 2 enemy champions of one damage type and 3 of the other type induces need to invest the very equal shares into both resists. The second observation is that a presence of a single champion of a complementary damage in otherwise full แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As team stimulates enemy bulks to optimally put entire one third of own resists into the secondary resist. This is a strong contributing factor behind the idea of แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As carries as a single champion of differing damage type in a team greatly enhances enemy's requirement to invest own resources into the corresponding resist, a แม่แบบ:As that they could otherwise freely invest into more single-purpose focused stats.

Intuition could mislead a player to expect that only a little แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As (in case of bulk, a single item) would suffice against almost pure แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As team, respectively. The analysis of แม่แบบ:As shows, however, that such premise is wrongly based on assuptions of linear proportionalities between offensive and defensive stats which, although true, do not carry over this particular problem. As a result, a team underestimation of one resist's necessity, แม่แบบ:As or แม่แบบ:As, indirectly amplifies the damage output effectivity of the only แม่แบบ:As/แม่แบบ:As opponent and potentially leads to him/her snowballing, thus effectively becoming a carry with less effort. To put it very simply, square root proportionality results in optimal defense ratio of approximately 1:2 when being confronted by mixed damage with ratio of 1:4. Building resists with ratio 1:4 leads to taking mixed damage with ratio 1:1, allowing a single enemy champion to deal 50% of overall damage to bulks.

The above analysis doesn't entirely apply to squishy champions. Such champions usually have very low resists and thus hidden values of แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As in equilibrium conditions are much more impactful. As a result, the squishy's optimal decision-making between resists might follow a bit different pattern:

However, carry champions are logically focusing on damage output rather than optimizing own resists and usually tend to deviate a lot more often from the pattern, instead opting for defense items with interesting uniques such as Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya's Hourglass, Mercurial Scimitar Mercurial Scimitar, Guardian Angel Guardian Angel or Hextech Protobelt-01 Hextech Protobelt-01.

Example: Player's kill recap screen shows that the fatal damage was composed of แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As, hence composition ratio of the lethal mixed damage was cca. 1:2. The appropriate resists' combination to withstand it should therefore head towards ratio of cca. √{{#vardefine:n|0.5}}0.5 ≈ 2:3. However, when distributing resists, player has to calculate with แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As more than he actually has in stats.

This information is strongly theoretical and due to game limitations from champions' base stats, innate abilities and non-linearity of แม่แบบ:As of item stats (แม่แบบ:As of stats differs for different items or is even impossible to be objectively evaluated due to interference of unique item abilities), the real equilibrium function is too complicated to be any useful. Furthermore, compactibility of game items, as well as limit of 6 regular item slots and one trinket slot, makes application of balance function poorly executable.

The complexity of this problem provides space for players' intuition to develop and demonstrate their itemization skills. If given sufficient amount of time, each player could perfectly analyze situation at any given moment when he exited the shop and tell what should he buy at that moment for available gold to maximize own แม่แบบ:As. The sheer impossibility of doing such thing in real time creates opportunity to develop the skill. Not only that but often choosing to maximize current แม่แบบ:As leads to suboptimal decision branches in the future. The summary on end game screen about type of fatal damage taken is a key part of this decision process as well.

Instead, broadly speaking, items which provide multiple defense stats, give a very high amount of แม่แบบ:As compared to items which only provide pure single stat. These items should be purchased when a player is seeking efficient ways to reduce the damage they take by a large amount. Furthermore, these items are among all available items the best ones to distribute their แม่แบบ:As more equally among แม่แบบ:As, แม่แบบ:As and แม่แบบ:As, thus working better for rule of preserving equilibrium.

Health as a casting resource Edit

A few champions also use their own แม่แบบ:As to cast abilities instead of แม่แบบ:As:

Other champions' abilities Edit

Health as scaling Edit

Personal health Edit

These use the champion's personal แม่แบบ:As pool to increase the magnitude of the ability. It could involve แม่แบบ:As or แม่แบบ:As. By building แม่แบบ:As items you can receive more benefit and power from these abilities in most situations.

Scaling from enemy health Edit

Maximum health Edit

These abilities grant extra damage based on the แม่แบบ:As. Typically, the more แม่แบบ:As the target has, the more damage these abilities will deal. Therefore, they are more powerful against แม่แบบ:As targets, but their effect against แม่แบบ:As targets should not be ignored. Also note this type of extra damage is always capped against minions and monsters to prevent players dealing massive damage to high แม่แบบ:As pool monsters like 20px Baron.

Current health Edit

These abilities grant extra damage based on the แม่แบบ:As. Typically, the more แม่แบบ:As the target has, the more damage these abilities will deal. Building แม่แบบ:As can reduce the effect of skills based on แม่แบบ:As over a long fight, but has quickly diminshing returns.

Missing health Edit

These abilities grant extra damage based on the แม่แบบ:As. The แม่แบบ:As the target has (can be either a flat or percentage amount), the more damage these abilities will deal. These are often referred as "execute" abilities, as they work best on nearly dead targets.

Bonus health Edit

These abilities grant extra damage based on the แม่แบบ:As. Typically, the more แม่แบบ:As the target has, the more damage these abilities will deal. Therefore, they are more powerful against tanks with a lot of แม่แบบ:As.

Items Edit

Ways to restore health Edit

A champion's health can be restored in several ways:

Ways to modify health restoration Edit

There are multiple ways how to modify magnitude of แม่แบบ:As (including แม่แบบ:As, life steal, spell vamp, แม่แบบ:Iis passive, แม่แบบ:Iis passive and แม่แบบ:As). แม่แบบ:As gain effects such as 20px Lulu's Wild Growth Wild Growth are not considered to be แม่แบบ:As effects and as such remain unaffected.

Decreasing health restoration Edit

A champion's แม่แบบ:As can be reduced in following ways (the list does not include internal spell mechanics or scalings):

Increasing health restoration Edit

A champion's แม่แบบ:As can be amplified in several ways (the list does not include internal spell mechanics or scalings as well as secondary แม่แบบ:As by allies):

Increasing health Edit

Items Edit

แม่แบบ:Stat table header แม่แบบ:Do for every item แม่แบบ:Stat table footer

Champion abilities Edit

Note: Only the additional แม่แบบ:As effect of these abilities is shown here, to read more information on each of these abilities, follow the link on each of them.

Masteries Edit

Runes Edit

Name Type Tier 1 (Lesser) Tier 2 (Normal) Tier 3 (Greater)
Health Mark


X X 3.47}}3.47

410 IP






1 IP


820 IP



X X 2.67}}2.67

410 IP






1 IP


2050 IP

Health, Scaling

(Health per level)



X X 0.54}}0.54 per level ({{#vardefine:n|9.72}}9.72)

820 IP



X X {{#vardefine:n|1.33}}1.33 per level ({{#vardefine:n|24}}24)

410 IP



X X 0.54}}0.54 per level ({{#vardefine:n|9.72}}9.72)

820 IP



X X {{#vardefine:n|2.7}}2.7 per level ({{#vardefine:n|48.6}}48.6)

2050 IP

Percentage Health Mark X X X


X X {{#vardefine:n|0.5}}0.5 %

820 IP

Glyph X X X


X X {{#vardefine:n|1.5}}1.5 %

2050 IP

List of champions' health Edit

The Highest and Lowest Health Champions (Base Health)
Champion Level Top 5 champions Bottom 5 champions
Level 1 1. 20px Tryndamere แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 41. 20px Kled (unmounted) แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
3. 20px Garen {{#vardefine:n|แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 40. 20px Anivia {{#vardefine:n|แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
3. 20px Trundle
3. 20px Zac แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 39. 20px Heimerdinger แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
4. 20px Alistar แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 38. 20px Lux แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
5. 20px Amumu แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 37. 20px Sona แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
Level 18 1. 20px Alistar แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 41. 20px Kled (unmounted) แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
2. 20px Tryndamere แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 40. 20px Gnar แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
3. 20px Darius แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 39. 20px Anivia แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
4. 20px Udyr แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 38. 20px Zilean แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp
5. 20px Warwick แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp 37. 20px Nami แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat}}แม่แบบ:Leveled Stat hp

Trivia Edit

(Last updated 25/05/2016 on patch 6.10)

The most แม่แบบ:As any champion can obtain at level 1 with the แม่แบบ:G is {{#vardefine:n|1038.286}}1038.286, again being 20px Nunu.


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