A Featured Article (also known as Featured Champion/Item) is an article that is considered a great Champion/Item article, good enough to be promoted on the Main Page. This is therefore treated with the utmost respect. Vote on the relevant talk page.

Featured ProcessEdit

The way for an article to be featured in the cover follows a two phase process. This period is called a Selection Cycle, it is numbered, and is divided into Nomination Phase and Voting Phase.

  1. Nomination Phase Users can nominate pages that they consider valuable and complete. The article goes into discussion on the talk page to raise the issues and imperfections.
  2. Voting Phase: All users have two votes to place on the nominated article, one supporting vote and one opposing vote.
  3. The winner will appear on the Front Page from the next day until a new Featured Article is selected. Meanwhile, the next Selection Cycle will start.

How does an article become Featured?Edit

  1. The article must have excellent prose, devoid of typos and good grammar.
  2. It must cite its sources.
  3. It must be correctly named.
  4. It must follow all policies of the Manual of Style.
  5. All sections should be covered (including trivia).

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