This is the requests for permissions page, on which users may request to become a chat moderator, rollback user, moderator, administrator, or bureaucrat. All of these rights should be held by active users who are involved in the community, have a good knowledge of wiki markup and know their way around a wiki. They should be helpful to new users, be experienced in fighting vandalism and be approachable.

Any registered user can vote in permission requests or nominations, and community consensus is needed for moderator, administrator and bureaucrat requests. Each user may vote once in each request or nomination.

Chat Moderator

Chat Moderator is simply used for Special:Chat. It allows users to kick/ban users in chat who are spamming, using profanity, or harassing. It also allows user to add or remove the Banned From Chat right as well. Users should only be nominated for this right if they are consistently in chat and find users who abuse the chat.


The rollback button allows users to revert vandalism fast, by being able to revert all of the edits by one user on one page, back to the last revision by another user. This right can be easily abused, so a user must have 100 article edits to request it. Users are able to request rollback rights without the need for a community vote.


Moderators are able to block vandals as well as delete pages. See Project:User Rights for more information. Moderators should have quite a few edits, and be trusted by the community.


Administrators have many abilities, including being able to block users, protect and delete pages, edit the MediaWiki namespace and more. See Project:User Rights for more information. To file a request for adminship, or to nominate a user for adminship, both you and the person that you are nominating must have at least 500 edits. The more edits you have, the more it shows your dedication to the League of Legends Wiki and thus it makes it more likely for your request to pass.


Bureaucrats have administrator rights, and on top of that, are able to grant any of the user rights listed here. Bureaucrat nominees must already be administrators.

Current requests

Below is a list of all of the current rollback and administrator nominations. To vote in a nomination, click the link and enter the following text under the appropriate heading on the page: # Reason for supporting/opposing. ~~~~. Moderator requests have Request for Moderator/ in front of them, Rollback requests have Request for Rollback/ before the username of the person nominated, and administrator requests have Request for Adminship/. To refresh the list below, click here.

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Past requests

Below is a list of all past requests.

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