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Madred's Bloodrazor was a legendary item in League of Legends.

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Notes Edit

Patch history Edit


  • Item removed.


  • Attack damage increased to 40 from 30.


  • Proc damage cap against monsters reduced to 120, from 180.
  • Proc damage cap against champions removed (used to be 180).


  • Damage reduced to 30 from 35.
  • Armor reduced to 25 from 30.
  • Maximum health percent damage increased to 4% from 3%.
  • Maximum health percent caps at 4500.


  • Attack damage reduced to 35 from 40.
  • Health damage increased to 3% from {{#vardefine:n|2.5%}}2.5%.
  • On-Hit effect is now Unique.


  • Maximum health to damage ratio increased to {{#vardefine:n|2.5%}}2.5% from 2%.
  •  % Health damage increased to 3% from {{#vardefine:n|2.5%}}2.5%.

V0.9.25.21: Added

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cs:Madred's Bloodrazor es:Navaja de Sangre de Madred fr:Rasoir Sanglant de Madred pl:Krwawe Szpony Madreda ru:Madred's Bloodrazor zh:麦瑞德裂血手套

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