Magic damage is one of the three types of damage in League of Legends, the others being physical damage and true damage. Magic damage is dealt by some items and most champions' spells, though some spells deal physical or true damage.

Statistics influencing magic damage Edit

Most magic damage can be increased with ability power, or attack damage in some rare cases, but some cannot be modified, such as แม่แบบ:Iis damage per second or Bilgewater Cutlass Bilgewater' active against champions.

The amount of magic damage received is reduced by a certain percentage based on the target's magic resistance. The effectiveness of magic resistance can be reduced with magic penetration.

Items that deal magic damage Edit

Items Edit

Variable Availability Edit

Champions that don't deal any magic damage Edit

The following list consists of champions that don't deal any magic damage (not counting sources other than abilities and basic attacks, such as Ignite Ignite, แม่แบบ:Bi or 20px Leona's Sunlight Sunlight):

Champion Abilities Edit

These are champions' abilities that deal แม่แบบ:As but scale with แม่แบบ:As :

cs:Magic damage

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