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แม่แบบ:Item data Mana Potion Consuming a Mana Potion would restore 100 mana over 15 seconds. Mana Potions were useful early game, but lost their effectiveness from the mid-game onwards as the champion's maximum mana and skill costs became too excessive for them to be beneficial. It was useful for all champions that utilized mana, so they could cast abilities more often.

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  • This item is no longer available in the game. It was not replaced by any other purely mana-restoring item, though Refillable Potion Refillable Potion and its upgrades restore some mana.
  • You could use multiple Mana Potion Mana Potion while you have one active (after a short cooldown) which would queue them up to be used after the previous completes (maximum 5 stacks).
  • Using a Mana Potion Mana Potion, as with all other activated items (with the exception of Entropy Entropy), does not interrupt channeled abilities.
  • In V1.0.0.147b Mana Potion Mana Potion works by increasing the user's mana regeneration by roughly {{#vardefine:n|6.7}}6.7 mana/second for 15 seconds, which effectively restores 100 mana over the duration. As a consequence of this mechanic, Chalice of Harmony Chalice of Harmony unique passive will stack with a Mana Potion, increasing its potency by up to 100%.

Trivia Edit

  • This item was originally called Potion of Brilliance.
  • During seasonal events, the Mana Potion Mana Potion has been replaced by seasonal items with the same effect, but different names/pictures.
    • The 20px Eggnog Mana Potion was a seasonal item that replaced the Mana Potion during both the 2009 Snowdown Showdown, 2010 Snowdown Showdown, and 2011 Snowdown Showdown celebrations.
    • The 20px Mana-Encrusted Apple was a seasonal item that replaced the Mana Potion during the 2010 Harrowing celebration.
    • The 20px Dragon Dumpling was another seasonal item that replaced the Mana Potion during the Lunar Revel celebration.

Patch history Edit


  • Removed from the game.


  • Icon updated



  • Mana Potion Mana Potions now restore 100 mana over 15 seconds instead of 100 mana over 20 seconds.


  • You can now use multiple Health or Mana Potions while you have one active which will queue them up to be used after the previous completes (maximum 5 stacks)


  • Effect will now no longer be removed upon reaching full mana, and remain for its intended duration.

Alpha Week 2:

  • Reduced the Mana regeneration.
  • Changed tooltip format for the potion buff.

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