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Meki Pendant was a basic item in League of Legends, which was removed in patch V1.0.0.152.

Background Edit

Inside the crystallized pendant is a small insect long extinct from an age long forgotten. The insect glows green, emanating an energy that calms and focuses the brain allowing for deep concentration.

Strategy Edit

This item could be bought at the start of the game. It was best used by casters or other mana using champions that plan on using their abilities heavily without recalling for mana. It was beneficial to buy two Health Potion Health Potions with it if purchased as a first item.

Built Into Edit

Similar Items Edit

Patch History Edit


  • Item removed.



Alpha Week 2:

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fr:Pendentif Meki pl:Naszyjnik Meki ru:Meki Pendant zh:梅吉坠饰

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