Movement speed is a champion statistic that represents the rate at which a champion travels across a map. One movement speed point translates to one game distance unit traveled per second (as a frame of reference, 20px Teemo's diameter is 100 units). For example, a champion with 300 movement speed will be able to walk three 20px Teemos in one second.

Each champion begins the game with a base amount of movement speed, ranging from 325 (e.g. 20px Anivia and 20px Nautilus) to 355 (20px Master Yi and 20px Pantheon). For a list of all champions' base movement speed, see base champion statistics.

This base movement speed can be increased by flat bonuses and percentage bonuses and reduced by slows. These effects can come from items, champion abilities, summoner spells, masteries, runes and environmental buffs.

Calculations Edit

A champion's movement speed is given by the following formula:

(Base Movement Speedแม่แบบ:PlusFlat Movement Bonuses)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:PlusAdditional Percentage Movement Bonuses)แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:PlusFirst Multiplicative Percentage Movement Bonus)แม่แบบ:Times....แม่แบบ:Times (1 + Last Multiplicative Percentage Movement Bonus)แม่แบบ:Times(1 - The Highest Slow Ratioแม่แบบ:TimesSlow Resist Ratio)

Flat bonuses are applied first, then additive percent increases, then multiplicative percent bonuses, then the strongest slow affecting the target, then any caps that apply. Note that slows do not stack. Because bonuses and slows are applied to each other, a champion affected by a 20% bonus and a 20% slow still has a net reduced movement speed (e.g. 300แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|1.2}}1.2แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|0.8}}0.8แม่แบบ:Equals288).

Movement speed caps Edit

When the raw movement speed is greater than 415, there are two soft caps applied:

  • The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%.
  • The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%.

The two ranges have their reductions applied at the same time before being added back together.

As an example, if the calculated raw speed is 600 before soft caps kick in, it is reduced to (600แม่แบบ:Minus490)แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|0.5}}0.5แม่แบบ:Plus(490แม่แบบ:Minus415)แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|0.8}}0.8แม่แบบ:Plus415แม่แบบ:Equals530, which means an {{#vardefine:n|11.7%}}11.7% reduction of the original movement speed.

These are the simplified formulas:

When the raw movement speed is less than 220 another soft cap is used:

  • If the raw speed is below 220, it gets multiplied by 50% and added to 110.
Example 1: If the calculated raw speed is 180 before soft caps kick in, it is increased to 180แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|0.5}}0.5แม่แบบ:Plus110แม่แบบ:Equals200.
Example 2: If the calculated raw speed is 0 before soft caps kick in, it is increased to 0แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|0.5}}0.5แม่แบบ:Plus110แม่แบบ:Equals110.

 Only slow with the highest value affecting particular champion is taken into calculations. All additional slows are ignored until higher-valued slows wear off. When highest valued slow decays, another affecting slow is calculated into.

The only exception to this is when the slow exceeds 100%, in which case the target ends up with 0 movement speed.[1]

Slow Resist Edit

Slow Resist is a statistic that reduces the effectiveness of slows by a percentage. It may currently only be gained by the แม่แบบ:Mi4 mastery, Boots of Swiftness Boots of Swiftness, Elixir of Iron Elixir of Iron, 20px Sejuani's Frost Armor Frost Armor and Stormraider's Surge Stormraider's Surge. Slow Resist stacks multiplicatively.

A champion with Boots of Swiftness Boots of Swiftness, a movement speed of 400 and who is affected by a 40% slow will have a movement speed of 400แม่แบบ:Times(1แม่แบบ:Minus({{#vardefine:n|0.4}}0.4แม่แบบ:Times{{#vardefine:n|0.75}}0.75))แม่แบบ:Equals280, which is equal to a 30% slow without slow resist.

Increasing flat movement speed Edit

The bonus given by these items or champion abilities are flat increases to the champion's base movement speed. These flat bonuses will increase the effectiveness of percentage bonuses.

Purchasing boots from the store grants a champion a flat increase in movement speed. Champions cannot buy more than one set of boots. The bonus from boots is quite big compared to their cost and is essential for all champions.

Items Edit

แม่แบบ:Outdated if new patch

Boots Edit

Others Edit

Champion abilities Edit

Masteries Edit

Increasing percentage movement speed Edit

The bonus movement speed given by these items or champion abilities are based on a percentage of the bonus compared to your total flat movement speed (before all sources of percentage movement speed bonuses are factored in). Percentage movement speed will stack additionally with other sources of percentage movement speed, unless the bonus movement speed is the few exceptions that stack multiplicity.

All percentage bonus listed below stacks additionally with one another.


แม่แบบ:Stat table header แม่แบบ:Do for every item แม่แบบ:Stat table footer แม่แบบ:Outdated if new patch

Champion abilities Edit

Note: Only the movement speed bonus effect of these abilities is shown here. To read more about each of these abilities, follow their respective links.

Summoner spells Edit

Masteries Edit

Runes Edit

Name Type Tier 1 (Lesser) Tier 2 (Normal) Tier 3 (Greater)
Movement Speed Mark X X X
Seal X X X
Glyph X X X


{{#vardefine:n|0.83}}0.83 %


{{#vardefine:n|1.17}}1.17 %

1 IP

{{#vardefine:n|1.5}}1.5 %

2050 IP

Neutral Buffs Edit

  • Visiting the shop on Summoner's Rift starting at 20 minutes in game grants 75% bonus movement speed that decays over 7 seconds, scaling up to 150% at 40 minutes.
  • The Speed Shrine buff on Dominion grants 30% bonus movement speed.

Multiplicative speed boosts Edit

Most speed boosts stack additively, but a select few stack multiplicatively with other speed boosts. These do not stack additionally with other percentage movement speed bonus, but rather are multiplied after all other percentage movement speed have been calculated. Movement speed obtained thanks to the formula is still affected by movement speed caps (see above).

Items Edit

Champions Edit

Summoner spells Edit

  • Heal Heal grants you and target ally 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second.

Decreasing movement speed Edit

There are many ways to decrease a champion's movement speed, with the most usual one being through champion abilities. For a full list of slows, see here.

Base movement speeds by champion Edit

Movement speed/Table

Old slow stacking Edit

Since patch 5.13 only slow with the highest value is affecting. All additional slows are ignored.

Prior to patch 5.13 slow stacked:

Slowing effects followed particular rules when stacking:

  • If a champion was affected by multiple slows, the strongest one would be fully applied, while the others were applied sequentially with 65% reduced effectiveness down to 35% of its original strength.

Example Edit

A champion with a raw movement speed of 400 was affected by a 2 second long 40% slow and a 5 second long 20% slow at the same time.

  • After that, he would return to his normal speed of 400.

Trivia Edit

(Last updated 08/06/2016 on patch 6.11)

  • What may be the highest movement speed attainable is {{#vardefine:n|17270.16220812191}}17270.16220812191, being a level 18 20px Rammus.

Infinite MS-TheoryEdit

There is a theory that allow 2 players, one from each team, to reach infinite amount of movement speed. It require the same set-up as seen just before, twice, each per team, but with a 20px Malphite replacing the 20px Rammus. The theory is simple: Team 1 speeds up Malphite 1, and as soon as he reaches his highest amount Malphite 2 steals Malphite 1 movement speed with Seismic Shard Seismic Shard, and get speeds up by Team 2. Then as soon as he reaches his highest amount Malphite 1 steals Malphite 2 movement speed with Seismic Shard Seismic Shard and get speeds up by Team 1. Repeat the operation an infinite amount of time and in the end Malphite 1 or Malphite 2 will have an infinite amount of movement speed. As seen in this video.

References Edit

  1. [1]

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