See also: Offense Mastery Tree (Season One) and Offense Mastery Tree (Season Three).

แม่แบบ:Offense tree 2 The Offense Mastery Tree is one of the three Mastery branches. All masteries were redesigned on November 15, 2011. The information from this article refers to the version of this mastery tree used since the redesign.

Focus Edit

Its main focus is to give advantage to offensive actions and enhance stats like physical damage, magic damage, critical strike, armor penetration, magic penetration, life steal, and among other buffs. The Summoner Spells Exhaust Exhaust, Ignite Ignite, Surge Surge, and Ghost Ghost are improved by แม่แบบ:Mi2 from this mastery tree. It would take 44 points to max the Offensive Mastery Tree out.

List of masteries Edit

fr:Maîtrises d'attaque (Saison Deux) pl:Drzewko specjalizacji Ataku (Sezon Drugi)

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