ไฟล์ Login Screen.jpg is the front-end interface for the player versus player aspect of League of Legends.

Functionality Edit is a platform for League of Legends to launch from. It allows you to add friends, check the League of Legends store, and join chat rooms. can be considered a separate entity from the actual game but the two are linked and cannot be used separately.

The interface received an upgrade when Season 1 kicked off. The redesign included new skin selection, a new profile page with more stats, Draft Mode compatibility, and a new look in general. was updated on August 27, 2014 with patch 4.15. It introduced a new interface layout, design and also lowering frame rate issues.

Interface Edit

Launcher Edit

For more details, see Launcher.

The Launcher is the initial window that checks for game updates and launches the client for League of Legends.

Log-in Screen Edit

Log-in screen proceeds after the Launcher and is used by the player to log-in and sign-up the game, League of Legends. This window helps out sorting each players specific data with the log-in system. With each passing patch and some event, the Log-in Screen animation is changed accordingly. It has several options:

  • Username: A bracket made specifically to type-in the players personal Username made after he/she created an account. Each player must have a different Username.
    • If a player can not remember their Username there is also an option that helps with this issue.
  • Password: A bracket made specifically to type-in the players personal password made after he/she created an account. Each player must have a different password and is the last line of defense for unwanted account use.
    • If a player can not remember their password there is also an option that helps with this issue.
  • Sign-up: For those players who have downloaded the game but have not made an account already, the sign-up option links them to Riots account creation screen. This option works in conjuncture with Refer A Friend system.
  • Terms of Use: Link leading directly to the games Terms that are needed to be followed by all players who make an account and play the game.

Main Client Wall Edit

ไฟล์ Main Hub 1.jpg

The main client wall proceeds after the Log-in screen and is the main hub for several features options from the interface.

ไฟล์ Main Hub 2.jpg
ไฟล์ Main Hub 3.jpg
  • Options: This interface tool serves to tweak specific preferences on the Those the preferences are:
    • Chat,
      • Enable Language Filter: This option mutes the showing of any curse word typed in chat (mainly English curse words).
      • Enable Friend Notifications.
    • Sound,
      • Sound Effects (on/off and volume).
      • Music (on/off and volume).
    • General.
      • Disable Menu Animations.
      • Enable Newbie Help Tips.
      • Suppress Notification pop-ups.
      • Chat link use: Warns a player when he clicks on a chat link.
  • Riot Store: The Riot Store is the digital center in which people can buy objects with RPRiot Points and IPInfluence Points to enhance their game experience in League of Legends.
  • Chat and Friends windows.

Trivia Edit

  • If you type the link into a web browser and press enter you will be redirected to
  • uses a "runtime environment" called Adobe AIR. It is however directly built in the client, and does not require any download/installation from you.
  • is analogous to Blizzard's service
  • The log-in screen is absent in servers hosted by Garena. Instead, the game client provided by the company already serves as a log-in session when running the game.

Media Edit

Current Log-in Screen
Old Log-in Screens

All Log-In screens released by Riot (in chronological order from the oldest to the newest).

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