A Stance Ability is a special type of ability, which provide a persistent effect that lasts as long as the stance is active, and an activation effect, which gives benefits in the first instants of the activation. Rapid stance changing is prevented by a usually fairly low (1–2 seconds) shared cooldown (or global cooldown (GCD)), which places all other stance-like skills on cooldown whenever a stance is activated. Stances were introduced with the creation of 20px Udyr.

When a stance is activated, an initial effect is performed, plus the champion will get a persistent effect as long as he doesn't change stance. Persistent effects are mutually exclusive, but activation effects may overlap if the shared cooldown is low enough.

Example: Stance A grants a shield when activated and life steal as its persistent effect. Stance B grants an increased movement speed on activation and a stun every 5 seconds as persistent effect. Activating stance A and then quickly stance B will grant the champion a shield, a movement speed bonus and the ability to stun every 5 seconds, but no life steal.

20px Udyr is currently the only champion to use the stance mechanic. Udyr's stances grant him persistent buffs to his autoattacks.

Current Stances List Edit

Ability Description
แม่แบบ:Cib แม่แบบ:Aib (Stance) - Activation: On his next attack, Udyr swipes at his target, making a normal attack and additionally dealing extra damage over 2 seconds as physical damage. In addition, Udyr gains an attack speed buff that lasts 5 seconds.: Persistent effect: Udyr's basic attacks deal bonus physical damage equal to 15% of his attack damage.
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds.
แม่แบบ:Aib (Stance) - Activation: Udyr gains a shield, for 5 seconds, that absorbs damage.

Persistent effect: Udyr gains life steal.

  • Cooldown: 6 seconds

(Stance) - Activation: Udyr gains increased movement speed for a few seconds.

Persistent effect: Udyr mauls his target with such force that they are stunned for 1 second. This effect can only occur once every 6 seconds on the same target.

  • Cooldown: 6 seconds
แม่แบบ:Aib (Stance) - Activation: Udyr sends out pulsing waves of fire dealing magic damage each second to nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

Persistent effect: Every third attack, Udyr engulfs the enemies in front of him in flames, dealing magic damage.

  • Cooldown: 6 seconds

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