The Ultimate is the fourth ability of most Champions. The ultimate is considered a champion's defining ability and is oftentimes considered their strongest. It is controlled by the 'R' key on the keyboard. Ultimates vary greatly between champions, with some having passive effects (20px Jax's Grandmaster's Might Grandmaster's Might), some having global effects (20px Karthus' Requiem Requiem), some being spammable from having low cooldowns (20px Kassadin's Riftwalk Riftwalk), some being auras (20px Sivir's On The Hunt On The Hunt) and some summoning other units (20px Annie's Summon: Tibbers Summon: Tibbers). Whether an ultimate is considered a champion's strongest ability or not, using your ultimate effectively is crucial to playing any champion. Ultimates are defined by being able to be taken at levels 6, 11, and 16.

It is also possible to tell whether or not an allied Champion's ultimate is ready or not, by the indicator. The indicator is the green dot which is placed on top of the minimap or on the left of the screen (depending on your preferences) beside the respective champion's portrait. When the green light is on, the champion's ultimate is ready. If the light is off, the champion has either not learned the ability or it is currently on cooldown.

There is currently only one champion that doesn't have an Ultimate: 20px Udyr. He has four Stances that are all trainable up to level 5.

20px Elise's Spider Form Spider Form/Human Form Human Form, 20px Nidalee's Aspect of the Cougar Aspect of the Cougar and 20px Karma's Mantra Mantra are all available at level 1 for the respective champion, but can still be leveled up at level 6, 11 and 16, making them special in having 4 ranks.

20px Jayce's Mercury Hammer Mercury Hammer/Mercury Cannon Mercury Cannon is available at level 1 and can not be maxed. Instead each of Jayce's abilities have 6 points.

Global Ultimates Edit

Some champion ultimates have an unlimited, global range, allowing them to either support from afar or kill an otherwise safe enemy (i.e. a low health enemy who is staying in tower range for safety).  Generally, the point of a global ultimate is to be a threat to enemy champions from anywhere on the map.

20px Nocturne's Paranoia Paranoia and 20px Twisted Fate's Destiny Destiny are partially global, with the first part of the ultimate being a global effect and the second part having a limited range.

Trivia Edit

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