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Although the store was planned to launch with this patch, it faced numerous bugs and was removed a few hours after the patch was released.
Known Issue - Riot Points obtained from redeeming a League of Legends game card do not show up immediately in the client (top right); however, re-opening the client or purchasing an item in the store will properly refresh the Riot Point balance.
The Summoner Progression system was reworked. See here for more information. v0.28.08 Edit

  • New Store
    • Can purchase new Champions, Runes, champion skins, and XP/IP boosts.
    • With the new store, you will have your summoner level, runes, and masteries reset.
    • With the new store, you will also have your win/loss/leave and recent matches reset.
    • Your ELO rating will not be reset.
    • Certain champions will be free to play while others will be locked. You will be able to purchase champions, runes and XP/IP boosts with Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP).
  • New first time experience.
    • New screen for summoner creation on first log in.
    • New users will now be prompted to play the Tutorial when they first log in.
  • New champion select screen:
    • New layout with champion info displayed on mouse over.
    • Displays which champions are locked/unlocked.
    • New champion skin selection.
  • New end of game screen.
    • New bars denoting XP and IP gained for the match.
    • New stat and score tracking – tab through scoreboard, grid, and graph to view game stats.
    • New after game chat rooms – talk with those on your team or everyone in the match.
  • New IP reward system:
    • Gain 79 IP for a win and 47 IP for a Loss.
    • Gain bonus IP on winning when it is under 20 minutes. Bonus decays after 20 minute mark.
    • Gain bonus IP on losing when its over 45 minutes. Bonus initiates and then climbs to max value after the 20 minute mark.
    • Gain bonus IP for number of games played without leaving.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • New tooltips when you mouse over rune slots in your spell book.
    • Max summoner name length is now 16 characters.
    • New music during champion select.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where a screen saying closed beta 2 flashed on log in.
    • Fixed a bug where you could place talent points higher up in the tree than should be allowed .

League of Legends v0.9.25.34 Edit

Champions Edit

20px Shaco, the Demon Jester
  • Backstab Backstab (Innate)
    • Shaco deals 25% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind.
  • Deceive Deceive (Q)
    • Shaco enters stealth and instantly teleports to target location. His next attack has a 100% chance to critical strike.
  • Jack In The Box Jack In The Box (W)
    • Shaco drops a Jack-in-the-Box at target location, which will wait, stealthed, to fear nearby units and attack them when someone comes nearby.
  • Two-Shiv Poison Two-Shiv Poison (E)
    • Passive: Shaco’s attacks poison targets on hit, reducing their chance to hit and slowing them.
    • Active: Shaco throws his daggers to deal damage and poison the target.
  • Hallucinate Hallucinate (Ultimate)
    • Shaco creates an illusion of himself that can attack nearby enemies. It explodes upon death dealing AoE damage.
20px Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor
20px Amumu
  • Tantrum Tantrum
    • Mana cost increased to 50 at all ranks from 50/45/40/35/30.
    • Base damage changed to 115/130/145/160/175 from 155 at all ranks.

20px Anivia

20px Annie

20px Ashe

  • New Ashe image on the Load screen.
20px Blitzcrank
  • General
    • Updated secondary/critical strike animations.
20px Cho'Gath
  • General
    • Updated secondary / critical strike animations.
  • Carnivore Carnivore
    • Now restores 8-16.5 mana when Cho'Gath kills a unit in addition to the normal health gain on kill.
20px Dr. Mundo
  • Burning Agony Burning Agony
    • Health cost reduced to 20/27.5/35/42.5/50 from 20/30/40/50/60.
  • Masochism Masochism
    • Bonus damage reduced to 40/55/70/85/100 from 50/65/80/95/110.
    • Health cost reduced to 15/30/45/60/75 from 20/35/50/65/80.

20px Fiddlesticks

20px Gangplank
  • Parrrley Parrrley
    • Base damage reduced to 30/60/90/120/150 from 40/80/120/160/200.
    • Attack damage scaling increased to 80% from 65%.

20px Katarina

  • Changed the look of her model.
  • Death Lotus Death Lotus:
    • Base damage decreased to 30/45/60 from 60/90/120.
    • Attack damage scaling increased to 65% from 15%.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.5 from 0.2.

20px Kayle

20px Malphite
  • General
    • Updated secondary/critical strike animations.

20px Master Yi

20px Nasus

  • Updated recommended items.
  • His innate icon will now persist through death.
  • Fury of the Sands Fury of the Sands:
    • Nasus now gains 300/450/600 health when the ability is activated.
    • Bonus percent damage ability power ratio decreased to 0.01 from 0.05.
  • Wither Wither:
    • Base slow increased to 35% from 32%.
    • Slow per second reduced to 3/6/9/12/15% from 4/8/12/16/20%.
  • Damage from Spirit Fire Spirit Fire will now break recall.
  • Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike:
    • Damage gain on kill modified to 2 at all levels from 1/1.5/2/2.5/3.
    • Damage will now interact properly with Soul Eater Soul Eater; it was stealing 20% regardless of level.

20px Nunu

20px Sion

  • Death's Caress Death's Caress:
    • Time needed to manually detonate increased to 4 from 2 seconds.
    • Mana cost increased to 70/80/90/100/110 from 50/65/80/95/110.
    • Updated tooltip.

20px Sivir

  • Polished and added new attack animations.
20px Soraka
  • Astral Blessing Astral Blessing
    • Cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 10.
    • Buff duration reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
    • Armor increased to 35 from 30.
    • Healing per second increased to 11/18/25/32/39 from 7/11/15/19/23.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.11 from 0.085.
  • Infuse Infuse
    • Base damage increased to 50/100/150/200/250 from 40/80/120/160/200.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.6 from 0.4.

20px Taric

  • Radiance Radiance is now a true heal and should now be affected by healing reduction effects.
20px Tryndamere
20px Twisted Fate
  • General
    • Updated secondary/critical strike animations.
  • Pick a Card Pick a Card
    • Blue cards now properly lock and cause a redraw when used.
    • Mana cost reduced to 40/50/60/70/80 from an unintended 40/60/80/100/120.
    • Cooldown increased to 5 seconds from 3.
    • Fixed a bug causing the mana cost of Pick a Card to be doubled.
    • Fixed an issue allowing for infinite Blue Cards.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause gold card particles to play, but not have an effect.

Items Edit

Summoner Edit

  • Runes
    • Effectiveness of ability power Marks and ability power by level Marks increased.
    • Effectiveness of mana per level Marks increased.
    • Effectiveness of mana per level Seals and Glyphs decreased slightly.
    • Mana regeneration per 5 and mana regeneration per 5 per level are now primary stats for Seals instead of Glyphs, stats have been adjusted accordingly.
    • Magic penetration is now a primary stat for Marks instead of Glyphs, stats have been adjusted accordingly.
    • Magic resistance and magic resistance per level are now primary stats for Glyphs instead of Seals, stats have been adjusted accordingly.
    • Effectiveness of armor penetration reduced by 15%.
    • Effectiveness of critical damage reduced by 10%.

Summoner Spells & Masteries Edit

Monsters Edit

  • Monsters now regenerate 10% of their Max HP a second after retreating from combat instead of resetting to full.
  • Removed the ability for monsters sigils to be acquired by dead people.
  • แม่แบบ:Bi: scaling increased to 25% from 16.5%.
  • New Particles for the different Sigil Buffs.
  • 20px Baron Nashor:
    • Starting HP Regen per second lowered to 15 from 25.
    • Baron Nashor gains 0.375 health regen a second every minute.
    • New particle for แม่แบบ:Bi.
    • Resolved an issue with one of his particles displaying through the fog of war.
    • Fixed a bug where Nashor's particles appeared through Fog of War.

New Features Edit

  • New customizable key bindings.
  • New end of game ceremony.
  • New music for summer and winter map.
  • New environment particles for the winter map (It now snows!!).

General Edit

  • Tutorial:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to skip killing the champion and get stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where minions would attack an invisible character.
    • Added end of game ceremony.
    • Fixed cases where players could break the camera panning by locking the camera mid pan.
    • General polishing tweaks.
  • Updated secondary / critical strike animations for: Sion, Evelynn, Cho'Gath, Blitzcrank, Karthas, Sivir, Twisted Fate, Ashe.
  • Items with aura effects should no longer have their auras persist through death.
  • Added a cooldown reduction tab in the magic category in the item shop.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented people from walking around the first center turret of both teams.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had two bottom tier items and bought a top tier item it would consume both of the bottom tier items.

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