แม่แบบ:Infobox patch This update enabled the use of the store for the first time since the bug of October 27, 2009. 31.05 Edit

  • New Shop features:
    • Buy Champions – use Riot Points or Influence Points to unlock champions.
    • Buy Champion Skins – use Riot Points to unlock a skin for any champion you own.
    • Buy Runes – buy individual runes with Influence Points.
    • Buy Boosts – use Riot Points to enable boosts.
    • Buy Riot Points.

League of Legends Edit

Champions Edit

20px Alistar
20px Anivia
  • Rebirth Rebirth
    • Fixed a bug where she would sometimes not lose her buff and could go into egg form continuously until the egg itself was destroyed.
20px Teemo

General Edit

  • Fixed a bug where cooldown reduction would affect summoner spell cooldowns.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Hold" key was stopping move abilities like Rocket Grab Rocket Grab.

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